How It Works

Host A Sister started as a Facebook Group in 2019 by Rashvinda Kaur to offer women a safe place to travel and connect with each other around the world and now it's a community with more than 560k members.

Group members have several post options to connect with other sisters:

  • Offering your home as HOST

  • Request to be hosted during your travels as GUEST

  • Find a TRAVEL BUDDY for your next trip

  • Only MEET UP with locals during your trip or offer to MEET UP with travelers in your hometown

  • SWAP your place with other sisters around the world

  • SUCCESS STORY to share your amazing experience connecting with other sisters through Host A Sister Facebook Group

All of this happens inside the Facebook Group.

If you're not a member yet, request to join here. Host A Sister group is only for women and people who identify as female.

Are you already a Member and don't know where to start?

Checkout these featured posts with instructions and all you need to know to use Host A Sister effectively:

If you need help regarding new member approval, post approval or any issue related to the group, please reach out to the group admins directly via Facebook private message.

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