Connecting Sisters Around The Globe

Host A Sister helps women worldwide feel safe and secure in their travels by opening up opportunities to explore the world. We believe that by empowering one another, we connect women to the world around them, giving them opportunities that were previously unimaginable.

Because we know that women, when together and empowered, change the world.

Host A Sister started as a Facebook Group in 2019 by Rashvinda Kaur to offer women a safe place to travel and connect with each other. Today it's a community with more than half-a-million members in all continents, where thousands of sisters have met around the world and created lifelong friendships while empowering each other.

Johana Your story is one of my favorites!!! Host A Sister is such an amazing platform and it really brings so many women together. From many ethnic backgrounds, different countries, and religions. We all have to support each other. 

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Wendy Thanks to Host A Sister, I was able to meet and host three sisters who have became an international family. I got to learn and interact with many others and this has been a very friendly group I have seen. The way other sisters stand up for others, it's amazing. Welcome sisters and God job to the Admins. Much love from Africa 🇰🇪

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Customers served! + 100 Facebook Group Members
Customers served! + 100 Sisters Hosted Around the Globe
Customers served! + 100 New Friendships Around the Globe

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Bella Ross And Just Like That......Our Sisters from the Miami area came out to Okey-dokey to eat, drink, laugh, talk, discussed the group but mainly share our lives.We are are different but we all have one thing in common we want a better world. We are finding that through Host A Sister 🌎. We come from different backgrounds but we understand each other. Thank you everyone for this evening. To Arianna Calcaterra, Clarisse As, Nat Iglesias, Wendy Sornstein Russo, טל וינוגרד. You are amazing Sisters. I am honored to have been able to spend time with you. Looking for to our next time. Until we meet again....

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Claudia Happy to be a member and happy for your idea to connect sisters of all over the world  You set the start for safe traveling and get better known to different cultures, sisters and their lives, their stories and last but not least, new encounters, friendships and travel opportunities… Thank you for this and for all the time and love you put into this great idea. Congratulations and all the best for you!!!

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