Are you a traveler or content creator and want to collaborate with Host A Sister?

Host A Sister Facebook group was created in 2019 and now has over 500k female members around the world. We're a community of female travelers and our mission is to connect and support women around the globe. We're building our website and looking for valuable content to share.

This opportunity is for female

Are you passionate about sharing your story through words? We'd love to feature you in our blog! We want first-hand experiences and compelling stories that bring valuable information and knowledge to women around the world. Let us know what you would like to write about for Host A Sister's blog.

Content creators & bloggers:

Are you a social media person and know how to catch people's attention through your content and images? This opportunity is for you! We're looking for catching content that makes a positive impact on women's lives.


Most of the Host A Sister group members are looking for ideas to travel on a budget. We all know how time consuming it is to find what to do in a new city or country, where to stay, where to eat, what tourist places are worth it, etc. Having a full guide to visit a place in one article will be great for other travelers.


Are you an expert in a field that empowers women? We'd love to share your knowledge with the Host A Sister Community. We welcome topics such as: personal development, professional success, personal finances, relationships, gender equality, business, entrepreneurship, talents and skills, mental health, diversity, and lifestyle.


  • Great English vocabulary and grammar

  • Storytelling skills

  • Content must be original work. (This will be checked!)

  • First-hand experience about a topic

  • Topic should be clear and specific (i.e. "3 days in Hanoi for less than $300", "7 days in Argentina for a solo female traveling in a budget", "5 steps to ask for a salary raise", "15 websites to find remote work", "How to visit Dubai without draining your bank account", etc.)


  • Each article must be at least 2000 words.

  • Content can not be already published or republished elsewhere -even on your own blog-. You will be able to share Host A Sister's article link with your audience.

  • Photos and images must be yours and we will credit you. We won't publish stock images.

  • HOST A SISTER LLC reserves the right to refuse any content submitted.

  • We reserve the right to modify the title and content for SEO optimization purposes.

  • We'll create an author section for you with your name and photo, and include your website and social media links in your article.

  • Affiliate links are not allowed.

  • When you submit a post or article, you give HOST A SISTER LLC copyright ownership of the post.

  • We currently do not pay for any article submitted. This is currently a collaboration and you will get exposure inside our big community.

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