Travel Insurance

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Get $20 off when buying Nomad Insurance, a global travel medical insurance that covers people from all over the world, while outside their home country. You can buy it even if you are already abroad

Global travel insurance for people from Latin America & Brazil (website in Spanish & Portuguese). Use this link and get an extra 5% off!

Freely (only for residents of Australia & USA)

Travel insurance in the palm of your hand. Get cover for your stuff & choose add-ons when you need them. Click here for Australia citizens & residents and use coupon HOSTASIS10 and get 10% OFF

Click here for USA citizens & residents.

Allianz Assistance Easy Home: A great value subscription plan for 24/7 emergency home assistance, multi-home appliance assistance and device data recovery. Allianz Travel insurance with pandemic cover & 24/7 medical assistance. (Insurance valid only for Singapore citizens & residents).

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