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South China Morning Post: February 2024

How women travelers’ Facebook group Host a Sister offers members a safe place to stay and introduces travel companions

Petit Futé: November 2023

Petit Futé's opinion on HOST A SISTER.

La Presse: April 2023

Le groupe « Host A Sister » réunit plus de 400 000 femmes de partout dans le monde.

Le Vie Aventureuse: Feb 2023

Travelling solo- interview with co-founder of Host A Sister, Rashvinda Kaur.

Le Vie Aventureuse: Feb 2023

Here I include some success stories of various sisters using the Host a Sister Platform.

Le Vie Aventureuse: Feb 2023

My Personal Host a Sister Success Stories!

Business Insider: April 2022

How Facebook couchsurfing groups became an essential tool for Ukrainians fleeing to Poland.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center: April 2022

Safety in Online Travel Communities: Interview with 'Host a Sister'.

TruTrip: May 2022

Community for women business travellers with Host A Sister.

Diario Feminista: May 2022

"Host a Sister", comunidad de mujeres para viajar de forma segura. May 2022

“We gotta help somehow”: How a network for women travelers evolved into a refugee operation for Ukranians.

Usa Today Travel: March 2022

'I left all my stuff, all my dreams': Refugees fleeing Ukraine find help, housing online.

Reasons To Be Cheerful: March 2022

Through Online Platforms, Thousands Open Their Homes to Ukraine’s Refugees.

Buzz Feed News: July 2021

How Sleeping On A Stranger’s Couch Became A Moral Dilemma For Travelers.


Aubrey & Hersyn from Girl Chat International sit down with the founder of, Host a Sister, Rashvinda Kaur to learn more about this organization which is a global community of women, a place where sisters can connect to form friendships around the world during their travels or even share their homes for free as part of a cultural exchange.

Anita from Living Boldly at 80 podcast shares about her travels and how she has met several sisters from Host A Sister.

Wander by Proxy Podcast: Episode 15 features the stories of two women and how their lives and travel experiences have been enriched by the travel network.

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