About Host A Sister

Rashvinda Kaur

Host A Sister Founder

I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and currently I live in New Orleans, USA. I'm passionate about new cultures, new foods, learning about new places, and curious about different countries and lifestyles.

As a traveler myself, I love the idea of people receiving visitors in their homes. However, I noticed how women feel uncomfortable with men as hosts, having to stay in a strange men's house when traveling and visiting new places, so I got the idea of a women only hosting women community and that's how Host A Sister started back in 2019!

Host A Sister is more than a group offering accommodation, it's a safe space for women travelers to connect and inspire each other, learn about different cultures and create life-long friendships.

Now we are a +500k community and seeing daily Success Stories from all over the world makes me so happy. Women from different walks of life, ages, countries, backgrounds, and cultures meet up through Host A Sister, spend time together and once more, prove to us that women supporting women make the world a better place!

Host A Sister has made many women's lives better, including mine. For me it's like a bubble from the outside world and a special place for the curious kind minds. Inside the Host A Sister community, women put aside their culture and differences and come together as one to help, support, explore, love, connect and inspire.

Thank you for being part of Host A Sister!

Host A Sister Community is possible thanks to an amazing women team of admins and moderators:

Bella Ross


Meet Bella

My passions are my family, animals, travel, and Host A Sister. 

Solo travel has forced me out of my comfort zone and into this big, beautiful world where I have learned to become a stronger, more independent person. But most importantly, I have learned how to love myself wholeheartedly, which is the best gift I could have ever given myself.

I want to meet people who think deeper than their looks. People who see souls instead of bodies. Minds who think of bigger issues instead of gossip. Hearts that love the unknown before the reasons. People who get excited about little things. Souls that get passionate about trying new things. I want to meet people who make me fall in love with life again.

Joy Siregar


Meet Joy

My name is Joy and I share joy to the world šŸ˜€! Mom of 3 kids, housewife and loooove to travel. Being MOD in HAS gives me a little joy as I could help sisters around the world to meet other sisters, and hopefully I'll meet more sisters in future too šŸ˜.

Angie Black

Web Designer

Meet Angie

Full-time traveler. Digital Nomad. Queer. Feminist. Winter lover. Colombian. Childfree. Entrepreneur. 


Diana Stok


Meet Diana

My name is Diana, a forever big citygirl and wanderluster at heart. I used to be a passport stamp collector, until I fell in love. His name is New York, the city I visit quite frequently. Understatement, actually. It is my passion to inspire others via my NYC travelblog.

Confession: Iā€™d rather travel solo than with anyone else. Thanks to Host I Sister I met lots of amazing new friends, from all over the globe. Moderating for Host A Sister brings me so much joy, to support others in connecting and making beautiful memories, together.



Meet Liv

Who? Liv

What? Host a Sister moderator and traveler 

Where? Chicago, IL 

When? Since January 2023

Why? I love Host a Sister! I joined the group in 2019 and my first success story from Cyprus can still be found in the group. I work remotely, travel when I can, and love petsitting. Feel free to message anytime!

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